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by Tony | Aug 29, 2019 | News | 0 comments

The Municipality of Chania and the local Council of Mournies in conjunction with the Battle of Crete and Greece Commemorative Council today hosted the unveiling of the Mournies Memorial Plaque in the central square.

The B.O.C.G.C.C. would like to thank the Mayor of Chania Mr. Anastasios Vamvoukas, the President of Mournies Council Mr. Fotis Hatzigiannelis for finding the time and the funds to finally place a plaque in the Village of Mournies depicting the memory of gunner James Zampelis, who was the only ANZAC Veteran of Greek descent that died on Cretan soil and has not been located. Thank you to Paul Soug, Eva Gotsis and Jim Claven for the work they did trying to locate the exact location, which is roughly 150 metres South West from the central platia.

The Mournies Memorial Plaque now forms part of the many memorials, sites and plaques that have been placed all over the island highliting important battles, advances, landings and resistance areas making the Battle of Crete one of the most important events in the 2nd World War. The plaque was unveiled by the Mayor of Chania Mr. Anastasios Vamvoukas, the President of the Mournies Council Mr. Hatzigiannelis and the Chairman of the Battle of Crete & Greece Commemorative Council Mr. Tony Tsourdalakis.

A very big thank you to Reverand Father Ioannis Paxivanakis for conducting the service, and other dignitaries for attending including Mr. Nikos Papadakis, President of the Venizelos Foundation, Mr. James Jordan, Chairman of the Battle of Crete Committee in Sydney, Mr. John Nikolakakis, President of the Pancretan Association of Melbourne, Mrs. Eva Gotsis, Vice President of the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne and many others.

(This article was copied from – Battle of Crete Commemoriative Council website. Please go to their website for more information and articles.)


All the gunners killed in this Action at Mournies, including Gunner Zampelis, served with the 2/2nd Field Regiment.

Greek ‘OHI Day’ (‘No Day’) Commemorative Service 28th October 2019

Greek ‘OHI Day’ or (‘No Day’) is a significant day in modern Greek History. On October 28, 1940, in response to a demand from the Italian Ambassador in Athens to unconditional surrender, Greek Prime Minister Metaxas said ‘Oxi’, which means no in Greek! Italy then invaded and so began the Greek Campaign which officially culminated with the Battle of Crete in May 1941. A well trained and resourceful Greek Army drove the much larger Italian Force out of Greece and it wasn’t till Germany invaded in April 1941 that Greece finally succumbed.

The following pictures were taken at this year’s Commemorative Service at the Shrine.

2nd/2nd Field Regiment Association Wreath
Wreaths were laid at the Australian Hellenic Memorial (Domain Gardens)
Father Sinesios Frangos gave the Prayer for the Fallen.
From LHS – Steve Kyritsis, President RSL Hellenic Sub-Branch; Ms Jenny Cotton CSC Deputy Commissioner, Dept of Veteran Affairs; Dimitrios Michopoulos, Consular General of Greece in Melbourne; and second from RHS, John Cullen representing the Victorian Branch of the RSL.
The Ceremony in the Central Sanctuary of the Shrine at the Stone of Remembrance.
RSL Hellenic Sub Branch. Memorial Hall, Ferrars Street, South Melbourne.
At the luncheon that followed the Ceremonies, there was a presentation to the RSL Hellenic Sub Branch of a Print showing the gallant but badly damaged Greek Warship ‘Adrias’ as it limped into the Port of Alexandria, to the resounding cheers of Allied sailors lining the decks of ships at anchor.

Report and pictures by Derek Trewarne

Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

Western view of the Shrine
Eastern view of the Shrine
The eternal flame and adjoining monument
Olive tree on the east side on the Shrine near Birdwood Avenue.
Plaque at the base of the Olive tree near Birdwood Avenue.
Plaque at the base of the Olive tree near Birdwood Avenue.
The 2nd/2nd Plaque is at the base of this large Pin Oak tree on the RHS approach to the Shrine just before the forecourt.
2nd/2nd Regiment Plaque at the base of the Maple tree.


The 2/2nd Field Regiment Association has received an invitation to the 2019 ANZAC, Greece and Crete Reunion. There will be a special presentation from Ms. Megan Spenser on the AWM podcast ‘From a Whisper to a Bang’ which features the Battle of Crete. The reunion will be held at the Education Centre at the Shrine of Remembrance on Sunday 6th October 2019 at 2:00 pm. Entry is free and light refreshments will be served. RSVP is by Wednesday 25th September 2019 so please let our Secretary Mel Johnson ( know ASAP if you would like to attend.

Commemorative Service for the 78th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete – 26.05.2019

The Commemorative Service started with a colourful parade up the forecourt of the Shrine followed by a Service and laying of wreathes at the base of the ‘Eternal Flame’ Memorial. A wreath was laid on behalf on the 2/2nd Field Artillery Regiment Association by Secretary Mel Johnson and myself.

This was followed by a further Service at the Australian Hellenic Memorial in Birdwood Avenue.

D. Trewarne. 26.05.2019

Anzac Day 2019

6th Division Assembly point beside St Paul’s Cathedral in Flinders Street.
Veteran Bill Rowe with descendants of veterans
Veteran Bill Rowe with marshal Murray Duckworth, a former work colleague of Association Vice President Derek Trewarne.
The men pictured in traditional dress are descendants of the “Pontian” Greeks who were refugees from the Ottoman Turks.
Veteran Bill Rowe ‘center stage’ with descendants of veterans .
Checking out the banner support poles for future adjustments.
Our editor David Jaboor.
The Association’s secretary pictured with her daughter.

Anzac Day April 2019. The images were taken at the Assembly point beside St. Paul’s Cathedral in Flinders Street and later in the Shrine gardens at the conclusion of the march.

2018-5-26. Battle of Crete Commemorative Parade & Service at the Shrine

Our editor – David Jaboor

Vice President Derek Trewarne laid a wreath for the Regiment

The activities commenced with an official parade along the forecourt of the Shrine culminating in the laying of wreaths in front of the eternal flame. The parade involved various dignitaries, flag bearers, school groups, a band made up of school children, young men and women in Cretan National costumes and some banners of Australian Battalions. This was followed by a brief ceremony at the Australian Hellenic Memorial in Birdwood Avenue.

Derek Trewarne


Gunner Harry Forrest Paterson VX 87810 – 2/2nd Field Regiment

To Whom it may Concern,

I have attached some photos that were from my fathers collection of his time whilst serving in P.N.G. (his military records show that he was stationed at Basilisk Battery in Port Moresby and also with A.N.G.U.A. which I believe to be during his time in Lae).

Whilst he was alive, he never spoke of the war, other than to affirm that he fired guns similar to the ones commonly placed outside R.S.L. buildings (25 pounders I understand).

Several of the photos depict him with some mates, but I have no idea of the context of the photos – any help would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Paterson

(his son)

0400 086 662