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Brallos Pass Memorial Cairn Dedication Ceremony – 29th October 2016

View across the plain to the bridge over the Sperkhios River and beyond to Lamia.

Invited guests. Starting 5th from left: Dimitris our caretaker, Australian Ambassador, Vice Governor Phthoitis, Commander Lamia Military, Lt Col Moukas, General of Police & Father Nikos.

L to R. Ruth, Robert,Mal & Neil LENNIE & Mel JOHNSON – family of VX 5824 – D. LENNIE

Wreaths at the Memorial Cairn

Memorial Plaque to 2/2nd Field Regt.

Memorial Plaques to 2/2nd Field Regt – wording in English & Greek

Memorial Cairn

Ruth Lennie, Lt. Col Moukas and Greek soldiers. Australian & Greek National Anthems played.

2/2nd Field Regt. Assoc. Secretary, Mel Johnson delivering a speech.

Memorial Cairn draped with Australian flag signed by 2/2nd Field Regt veterans and descendants of veterans. Rifle placements with helmets is a sign of respect.

Memorial Cairn draped with Australian flag signed by 2/2nd Field Regt. veterans and descendants.  

Brallos Pass Memorial, August 2018 – The concrete surrounds have been completed as was promised by the Vice-Governor of Phthoitis at the Dedication and Unveiling.  


Steve & Mary Krytsis, Dimitri Haranzis


Brallos Pass Memorial, August 2018 – Dimitri Haranzis and Steve Krytsis




Anzac Day 2017

Captions for above pictures left to right from the top: Picture 1 Veteran: Frank Williams and the banner in Flinders Street.  Picture 2 Veteran Bill Rowe, centre of picture with descendants of veterans in Flinders Street. Picture 3. Banner with school cadets and descendants of veterans assembled in Flinders Street. Picture 4 Descendants of veterans and Cretan friends with the banner at the Shrine. Picture 5 Veteran Algy Drewett, centre of picture with descendants of veterans at the Shrine.  Picture 6 Veteran Bill Rowe.  Picture 7  Jaguar for Veterans to ride in. Picture 8 Veteran Bill Rowe in vehicle.  Picture 9  Frank Williams in Jaguar.  Picture 10 Need name????   Picture 11 Veteran Algy Drewett   Picture 12  Algy Drewett and descendants in Jag.  Picture 13 Tim Martin (son of Veteran Jack Martin) wearing Photo Badge.  Picture 14  Terry Cole.  Picture 15  Kim Taunt with Flinders St Station in background.   Picture 16 Need 2 names???? and Terry Cole.   Picture 17  Cretan Friends.   Picture 18  Drinks and pizza after March – David Jaboor, Sue Shaw, Lachie MacPherson.  Picture 19   Jenny Donovan, Ray Donovan, Kim Taunt.   Picture 20   Kim Taunt, David Jaboor.