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My father, Harry Forrest PATERSON (VX87810) whose photo appears below, passed away in 1997. He did two terms in P.N.G. with the 2nd Field Regiment - the first at Pt. Morseby and the second at Lae. There are several other photos that were in his possession, but I am unaware of the people In the photos or their location - they are on the web-site. He never spoke of the war.

Gunner Harry Forrest Paterson VX 87810 – 2/2nd Field Regiment

To Whom it may Concern,

I have attached some photos that were from my fathers collection of his time whilst serving in P.N.G. (his military records show that he was stationed at Basilisk Battery in Port Moresby and also with A.N.G.U.A. which I believe to be during his time in Lae).

Whilst he was alive, he never spoke of the war, other than to affirm that he fired guns similar to the ones commonly placed outside R.S.L. buildings (25 pounders I understand).

Several of the photos depict him with some mates, but I have no idea of the context of the photos – any help would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Paterson

(his son)

0400 086 662